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Welcome to TEXT-ZAP Java text filtering. I first created Text-Zap to be able to enable massive find and replace on a series of text files. Like most open source projects, I add few things and then few more until I realized that I had a full blown application.


The purpose of Text-Zap is to allow quick an easy replacement and other modification of many text files. This can be used for many purposes such as universal find and replace, adding markup, and changing markup. Additionally Text-Zap can break apart a file or merge a series of files into one. Best of all, if Text-Zap does not yet do what you need, you can add to Text-Zap to make that happen.

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Built on Ant
Text-Zap is built on top of the very popular build tool Ant. This was done to take advantage of the existing classes that allow Ant to work with XML and do much of its own introspection.
Text-Zap was designed from the bottom up to be extremely flexible and allow for easy modification. For more information on building add ons to Text-Zap see the Expand Text-Zap page.


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