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Download Info

The latest version of Text-Zap is Text-Zap 0.5 it can be downloaded from Source Forge. This includes all classes that are need to run and compile Text-Zap as well as the documentation.

Older and other versions includeing those that only include the source, leave out the source, and leave out the documentation, can all be found at the Source Forge Download area .


Text-Zap includes all required classes except for ant.
Text-Zap requires JDK 1.5!

Ant is the only requirement needed to run fill. Text-Zap has been tested with Ant 1.5, however there is no reason that it should not work with earlier versions. Ant can be downloaded from the Ant download page. More information about ant can be found on the Ant home page.

^topOptional Packages

Optional packages that may be helpfull for use with Text-Zap include;

Text-Zap was tested with JUnit. To run the tests include the JUnit jar file in your class path. More information about JUnit and a link to the download can be found on the JUnit home page.
JTidy is a Java version of the popular html formatting program Tidy. The JTidy filter requires that the JTidy jar file be included in your class path. More information about JTidy can be found at the JTidy home page.
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