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Groupers are a means that Text-Zap uses to group files that will be merged. (See the merge filter for more details.)

The standard groupers are listed here. They all work with the file name and not with the actual file contents.
You can create your own groupers by implementing the com.jmw.tzap.Grouper interface.

^topAll Grouper

Groups all files into one group:

^topParent Directory Grouper

Groups files by their parent directory.

^topStarts With Name Grouper

Groups all files whose names are the same up to a given length
For example: To group all files which start with the same five letters use:
<startsWithNameGrouper length="5"/>

^topUntil String Name Grouperr

Groups all files which are the same until the given string is found.
For example: To group all files whose names are the same until an _ use:
<untilStringNameGrouper string="_"/>

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