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Text-Zap comes with many built in filters. You can choose from the list on the right for more details about a specific filter. There are three basic filter types, their details are discussed below.

Filter Element

At least one filter must be included in every Text-Zap task.

^topFilter Element Examples

Some Examples (more can be found with each individual filter)

AppendFilter (append 'hello' to the end of the file)
    <append text="hello"/>
ReplaceFilter (replace all ocurrances of 'aa' with 'bb')
    <repalce regex="aa" replacement="bb"/>
(split each time 'zzz' is encountered, new file name should begin counting with the number 10)
    <splitByRegexFilter regex="zzz" count="10"/>

^topModify Filters

Most filters only modify the contents of one file at a time. One file is passed to the filter at a time and whatever search or change is to be performed is done.

^topSplit Filters

The split filters break a file into several pieces and introduce new files into the stream. All subsequent filters will work on all of the files that the split filter spawned.

^topMerge Filter

There is only one merge filter, the details of how it does the merge are specified by an orderBy and groupBy element. For more details about these elements see the MergeFilter page.

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